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Monday, 1 May 2017

HOW TO FIX: Sorry that Didn't Work Android Print Error

I have come across the above error many times when trying to print wirelessly from a range of Android devices: After the 'Print' option is chosen from the applicable menu, a message appears simply stating:

'Sorry that Didn't work'

A 'Retry' option makes no difference, and the error continues to appear. Updating Android, installing and reinstalling printer services and using different apps makes no difference. The fault does appear to be intermittent on some devices.

As the problem appears to be so widespread, I'm amazed there is not more information about it online. It may affect Samsung devices more than others, but I have seen the problem with other equipment as well.

After searching for a solution for a long time, I came across a forum post from somebody that had repeatedly experienced the error, and had to keep carrying out a downgrade of 'Android System Webview' in order for printing to work. Not having had much experience with Android, I had never heard of this component before, but decided it might be worth a look at. The device I was trying to rectify the problem on at the time was running a different version of Android, so I tried updating 'Android System Webview' rather than downgrading it. Amazingly, it fixed the problem, and has fixed the problem on at least one other device since.

I'm not sure if this will fix the error in every situation, but it's definitely worth a try. 'Android System Webview' can be updated from the Google Playstore or by following the link here:

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